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Exciter wire confirmation 200 1997

Howdy all,

I'm just looking for confirmation on the identity of the alternator exciter wire where it interfaces with the back of the instrument cluster--I am assuming it is in the round, barrel connector, the only fully red wire in that connector. I don't see any other fully red wires coming from the instrument panel, and a continuity check on this lone red wire tests positive at the gray connector on the firewall and at the end of the original alternator exciter wire behind the alternator itself--and yet I am feeling some doubt, so I would like a confirmation from someone else who has dealt with this.

Long story short: still having exciter wire problems with the alternator. It all correlates to acceleration/motion in the car. In other words, turning maneuvers, accelerating and decelerating will cause the battery/parking brake/brake failure/bulb failure lights to come on while driving. It's like inertia shakes a bad wiring connection and causes the problem.

What's been done:

new engine wiring harness (problem existed before harness and still exists after)
new Bosch alternator, with new brushes (problem existed before and after)
exciter wire bypass wire installed from back of instrument cluster to exciter terminal on alternator
new ground wire on alternator
new Volvo battery
new bulbs in instrument cluster
resolder brass connector pins for barrel connector on instrument panel logic board

Have a new cluster bought from eBay, should be here in a few days, but still looking at other solutions.

Still, this problem persists. Driving me crazy.



New Exciter wire confirmation [200][1997]
posted by  kourt99  on Wed Nov 11 07:58 CST 2009 >

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