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Driveline shudder at low speed 200 1987

Help! My 1987 240 wagon w/200k+ (B230F with auto trans)has developed a shudder at low speed particularly when coasting/drifting to a stop & beginning to accelerate. The shudder seems to occur after car is warmed up or driven a few miles. Had the rear trailing arm bushings replaced prior to all this thinking they caused the shudder (now all suspension bushings are poly). In the last month I have replaced: motor mounts (they were bad,separated & totally failed), auto trans mount (marginal, soft but intact), drive-shaft ctr bearing & supporting rubber mount (bearing ok, mount a little soft) the drive-line now seems very tight (these repairs each seemed to reduce the severity of the shudder but it still occurs). I have also replaced right rear brake caliper, both rear rotors and pads & bled brakes (a rebuilt caliper failed & ran pad down to metal ruining rotor). The u-joints are all good, they were replaced 5k ago, I even full flushed transmission and replaced trans tail-shaft bushing in last 20-25k. More background; car has IPD overload coils, Bilstein shocks & struts, all poly bushings, new strut mounts, fully refurbished brakes w/ss lines in last 5k (all calipers, rotors, pads & complete flush). Other thoughts, could rear wheel bearings cause these problems? when replacing the rotors I noticed a notchy feeling when rotating rear hubs and also what seemed like too much play when changing rotation direction. Could rear differential be going bad? Not much info in Bently & I'm running out of ideas/patients...any insight appreciated. Thanks, Mike


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