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Puller Fan from an 850/V70 in my 130 120-130 1968

If it were mine I would try it reversing the polarity to see if it runs the opposite direction.
Rationale is that it would be easier to mount in FRONT of the radiator and if you mount a puller in front
your induced draft will be opposite the fan's draft and will NOT help!
(I had a friend in Panama whose car always overheated and he took it to several mechanics.
They couldn't find anything wrong but one day a friend noticed that the leads were spliced going to it.
The wires were switched with the red wire going to the black one and the black one going to red.
He also felt a draft blowing OUT of the grille.
Once he got the colors straightened out it cooled fine.)
George Downs, Bartlesville, Heart of the USA!


New Puller Fan from an 850/V70 in my 130 [120-130][1968]
posted by  RepairmanJackal  on Mon Sep 7 14:22 CST 2009 >

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