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Idle unstable on these cold, cold mornings 900 1995

95-945. Coming up to a stop at idle when cold, around 20*F & lower, the idle jumps up & down causing me to have work the gas pedal slightly while holding the brake. Will eventually stall if not gassed just a bit. No vacuum leaks, flame trap system in good working order & replaced idle control valve which didn't help. Starting to wonder if opening the throttle plate slightly may help. It is adjusted now to just barely cracked. Goes away on its own after a while & then maintains a smooth 750-800 idle. Still a pain waiting for that to happen. It's already nice and warm bt the time I reach my 1st light 8 miles away, but that's not enough.

Just went through a 212 code & replaced 02 sensor. No other codes.

Thanks Dave


New Idle unstable on these cold, cold mornings [900][1995]
posted by  dm960  on Mon Jan 26 22:20 CST 2009 >

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