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Another check in the DONE box! (Seat Repair) 200

Replacement seat grids are available through IPD. I just did my driver's seat a couple of days ago. Took a day and a half. The hardest part was releasing tension on the seat springs. I used small turnbuckles with hook ends connected by a coat hanger to tension them away from the frame. Time consuming, but it worked, and safer than trying to wrestle them with vise grips. I replaced the seat heater with one from a '92. It's soft fabric rather than the hard plastic with exposed wires. It works great. As for the lumbar adjustment, I had my old seatcover and made a patch to cover the hole and relocated the adjustment knob to the left. The parts can be installed reversed to allow the lumbar to be installed on either side. I also used zip ties. Hope they hold up. I also tied the first few rows of the grid together to reduce tendency for them to slip forward and off the frame. I had some strong black cloth I used to reinforce and attached with the Scotch 77 spray glue. I never want to take a seat down to the frame again, but it is comfy now, has a perfect passenger seat cover, adapted for the driver side, and foam from a passenger seat.


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