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Another check in the DONE box! (Seat Repair) 200

I am slowly finishing up my "To Do List" for my Brick, just a few items left!

I recently overhauled my suspension by installing IPD poly bushings all the way around (including the front stabilizer bar bushings and end links), Bilstein HD struts and shocks, 4 new rotors, 4 rebuilt calipers, front and rear brake pads, 20 wheel studs, new SKF front wheel bearings and races, new SKF strut bearings, new ball joints, new tie rod ends, steering links & boots and a new master cylinder.

Today I rebuilt the driver’s seat. When I got in for the first time, I felt like Tom Hanks in "Big", as I was now sitting a lot higher. Huge difference!

Since the grid is no longer available, I decided to reinforce the existing grid with a piece of expanded diamond metal.

Unfortunately, both my brother and brother-in-law both are just weeks away from buying welding equipment, so I used about 12 zip ties per side to attach the expanded metal to the metal grid.

I then added in a piece of carpet between the reinforced grid and the seat foam. I also used some 3M spray adhesive to attach some old T-shirts to the foam to reinforce it. I took some pictures of the grid; I'll post them in a few days.

I went to the junk yard a few months ago and bought a passengers side front seat that was in excellent shape for $25. I put the top and bottom fabric seat covers in the washing machine on delicate. The water turned a nasty color, but the seat covers came out looking even better than before!

With using the passenger's side fabric on the driver's side, the only difference now is that my lumbar adjustment is on the right side instead of the left. It doesn't interfere with the Volvo armrest that I installed.

The seat looks great. This is one of those jobs that I really don't enjoy doing, but I really enjoy the results.

Thanks everyone for posting your ideas about seat repair over the years.

If it needs to be maintained, repaired or replaced on a 1990 240, I've probably done it. '90 240DL, 255K looking forward to 300K badge (or sticker??). >>You haven't really worked on a car until you draw blood<< :-}


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