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Sluggish '84 240 200 1984

I just purchased an '84 244 DL with 100,500 miles on it for $250. Over the last week I have put in new plugs/wires/cap/rotor, thermostat, air filter, given it fresh gas, fuel injector cleaner, gas dry (sat for 2 years). This is my first 240 with an auto transmission. It seems to be quite hesitant when you put your foot in it. When idling you can rev it and it won't hesitate, but does when driving off the line. At speed it downshifts and revs fine. For you more experienced wrenchers out there, what do you think I can do to get it to be more responsive? Thanks for any feedback.

Jeff in SLC


New Sluggish '84 240 [200][1984]
posted by  johnsjr  on Tue Dec 30 17:41 CST 2008 >

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