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What's a FAIR PRICE to ask for a 1986GLE 240 1986

Thanks for any help in pricing my mom's 1986 240GLE. The odometer just stopped working at 159,000 babied miles. Body is free of dents, door dings or rust..never in an accident. She was painted about a year ago..very nice job. Car drives very tight, no leaks. Mom had the air conditioning system upgraded to the new 134a. New Volvo front and rear brake pads, new rotors, new wiper motor, all miscel bulbs, nice front seat covers...leather seating has cracked, but otherwise she is very clean, always maintained with 3,000 mile oil changes and regular servicing. Muffler and pipes, and tires new. Doesn't need anything except the new party can change timing belt or at least check it. I believe mom did it when she got the car , 20,000 miles ago...should be fine, but I would check the rubber for cracking. Car has no water leaks, has electric windows gle model....original fancy rims..she shows very nice...never in an accident as well. What would be a fair price. I put it up for sale with the price of 1650. Thanks for any input, Lynn at chmtnbliss@cs.com

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