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940 turbo estate crank case over presures and oil leak frustration after replacing flame trap 900 1996


I had an over presure problem in crank case and blew cam shaft seal. replaced all front seals water pump and timing belt.

all oil leake and coolant leaks resolved.

still running rough

noted that pipe from oil separator via flame trap to air pipe to intercooler was damaged. and small hose from flame trap to inlet manifold was broken off and leaking and vacuum leak at inlet gasket.

checked compression all between 140 to 130 psi

checked injectors for dirt in filter all OK

fault code indicated fuulty MAF and coolant temp sensors

replaced MAF and coolant sensor

running better but still rough

replaced inlet manifild gasket and flame trap and hose to inlet manifold cleaned inlet manifold of grime all hoses and galleries and throttle body.

RUNNS LIKE A DREAM no oil leaks no fault codes no knocks or pinging better power fuel consumption ets

started to notice oil smoke in exhaust if left idleing for more than a couple of mins ( thought it might be excess gunk softened by inlet manifold cleaner and wold burn off on a cpouple of days)

drove 200km still not burned off and cam seal leaking again.

is 500km overdue on oil change(waiting on parts to replace rubber hoses on oil filter housing) and very slightly over full ( topped up oil on slope in drive way and got it wrong).

MY thinking is that the leaking hoses between oil separator flame trap and air inlet pipe to intercooler might have been allowing crank case over presure to release and now that all hoses are replaced there is too much presure from the crank ( compression readings seem to be OK so proberbly not excessive blow by )

the oil smoke in the exhaust is not like worn valve guides and only occurs on long idle.

all so there appears to be vacuum at all points on the hoses between the oil separator and the induction to the intercooler.

any one got any ideas

I am going to change the oil and ensure correct level first but from there I am a bit stuck????????


New 940 turbo estate crank case over presures and oil leak frustration after replacing flame trap [900][1996]
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