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AC to crank belt removal, 1993 240 200


I'm attempting to change the timing belt on my 1993 240 w/140K. The timing belt currently 52K miles old. I'm new to DIY maintenance but with the help of Haynes, Bentley and this board I seem to get through most issues. However I'm stuck on this one. I've been able to remove the alternator and power steering belts by loosening the tensioner bolt, anchoring bolt to tensioner arm, and pivoting bolts that the accessory pivots on(the ones with the bushings). But with the AC compressor, I can't figure out how to move it. There seems to be 2 tensioner bolts, one closer to the front of the car that is accessible but the one in the rear looks difficult/impossible to get to, at least with the tools I have. Also, in addition to 2 bolts securing the pivot and bushings, the frame that the compressor is bolted to is further secured to a pipe/hose that travels under the compressor. This would not allow any movement even with the rear tensioner bolt loosened. My questions are:

1. How is the compressor moved to remove the belt from the crank pulley? If this is not easily possible,

2. Can the belt be pryed on to the pulleys? I can cut the old one off but I'm nervous that I won't be able to put a new one on. The old one is in OK shape but has a few cracks in it. I thought to replace all the belts since I'm removing them all anyway.

I'd appreciate any advice from someone who's figured this out.

Thanks and Happy New Year to all.


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posted by  volvohye  on Mon Dec 29 10:04 CST 2008 >

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