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Radio Speaker(s) issue 200

Hello again, I hope everyones Holiday was great, pleasant and relaxing.
Hoping the new year brings many smiles and much relaxing.

Now, to my radio/speaker issue.
I have a 89 240 with stock radio which I am going to keep.
Lately the speakers have been coming on and off for no apparent reason.
But, when I turn the radio off and then on right away the speakers are
normal for a while then do it again. The driver side speaker did it more
often so I had the tuner turned to the passenger side speaker, but lately
it is doing it often also.

Could it be the amp. that is going out?

I suspect it is wiring, but what gets me is that it resumes normally when
switched off and on again, that makes me think it is the not wiring. I usually
think that wiring issues will be more likely when hitting bumps or on turns
but this happens just whenever it wants too.

The thing is that I don't want to open up the amp. area and/or pull the radio
out if it is more likely the other that is causing the problem.

Thanks in advance,
Joseph Segura in New Mexico


New Radio Speaker(s) issue [200]
posted by  someone claiming to be new mexico 240 volvo  on Mon Dec 29 03:16 CST 2008 >

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