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wiper motor operation 120-130

they park in the right spot, power is good....and all speeds work...with just the pass wiper arm and blade snaped it, it works great....I have no idea. I dont want to dump it and get another one if there is nothing wrong with the one i have....very puzzling. I am going to look it more tomm. Im not sure the model, etc, but it looks to be original ('67 122 2-door)
With it out of the car, the posts work great. If i have the drivers side installled, and I hold the wiper off the glass - works great, thats why I think the angle may be issue in that the blade is somehow creating too much force on the glass when it first goes upwards


New wiper motor operation [120-130]
posted by  geoffriehl  on Sun Dec 28 12:47 CST 2008 >

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