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Distributor Stab 700 1987

I just replaced the little plastic housing for the hall sensor wires. The old one rotted away and one of the wires was broken but it still ran. I marked everything and reassembled.The car won't start. I know that it is possible to install the distributor 180 degrees off and thought this might possibly be the problem. So I attempted to install it 180 degrees from where it was.It will not go into place.It WILL repeatedly slide in and out the way I had it originally.So I guess my question is: Is there any reason the distributor WOULD NOT install in either of the two positions? I don't know if my hall sensor is shot or I have the distributor installed 180 degrees off. Thanks.


New Distributor Stab [700][1987]
posted by  trader1  on Sun Dec 28 11:04 CST 2008 >

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