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Shaking all over 120-130

A few months ago I bought a Volvo 121 with BW35 automatic transmission.
The body is in a reasonable state and mechanically it seems to be allright as well, but there is one nasty problem. There is nothing wrong as long as the car moves along, but when there is the need to stop, for instance for traffic lights, the whole car starts shaking as soon as it comes to a halt (with the transmission in D). When switching into N, the shaking is less intense because the revs are up, but it still can be noticed a bit. Then I switch from N to D and it starts all over, unless I leave it in N for a minute or so, or more, in which case it hardly shakes anymore when I put it in D again. Also it does not shake in D after a cold start. The problem occurs after a few miles.

I already renewed the rubbers of the engine mounts and gearbox mount, but that did not cure it. The engine runs very smooth and quiet, even smoother since an 1-2-3 electronic ignition has been installed. Could it be the torque converter that needs replacing?


New Shaking all over [120-130]
posted by  gert 444  on Sat Dec 27 06:18 CST 2008 >

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