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Installing a Tach. Do I need the small clock too? 200

This weekend I pulled the instrument panel out to install a tach I took from a junked brick. I also have the small clock, but realized I forgot to pull the small clock wiring harness. Anyone know if the small clock is needed to complete the electrical circuit, or can I skip it?

Right now the whole panel doesn't work, including the odo and speedo, and I need to isolate the problem. I'm consulting Dave Barton's tach install post http://www.davebarton.com/240tachinstall/ .

I noticed that the tach has 2 prongs to connect to the ignition coil instead of 1. Anyone know why? According to Barton's post there should be 3 prongs at top for the clock, and one on the bottom for the red and white cable that's connected to the coil. I've got 2 prongs on the bottom and don't know which to use.

I posted some notes on my blog: http://jayboucher.com/blackbrick/archives/63
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