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Retrofitting headrests from an 1800... 120-130

This is just an FYI for anyone of you who've been thinking about upgrading to headrests but were unsure which seats would work.

I've had an extra set of 1965-66 seats that I bought back in 2005. These just took up space until I bought Mario_E's 65 back in June (which had no front seats). These spare seats lacked headrests and due to upholstery matching issues, the spare seats ended up in my 67 wagon while the wagon's original red seats with headrests went into the 65 Cabriolet project. It just looked better that way...

So, I've had a few misc leftovers from JohnMC's old 1800E hiding in the rafters of my Garage. These leftovers included the front seats, which were both too torn up and too wide to fit into the 67 Wagon. However, these did have good headrests. After removing the padding and tubes from the 1800E seats, I was able to fit these directly into the 65-66 spare seats. The internal mounting holes and cross-rod matched perfectly.

A very nice surprise! I had assumed that since the seats were wider, the headrests would be wider too..

If you're wondering, headrest from at least a 1971 1800E are a direct-fit for volvo amazon seats (w/o original headrests) from at least as early as 1965-66.

I should note that the 1800/122 seat tubes are DIFFERENT from the 140 frame and tubes shown in this picture


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New Retrofitting headrests from an 1800... [120-130]
posted by  RepairmanJackal  on Sun Aug 31 15:55 CST 2008 >

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