RWD - CSI Goeteborg meets chronic Hydraulic Brake Light Switch failure...

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CSI Goeteborg meets chronic Hydraulic Brake Light Switch failure... 120-130


Ron doesn't mention it in the article but the switch he uses in his SwEm Brake Light Switch Upgrade Kit is a very high quality piece. Likewise the mounting bracket he has designed and makes.

I bought a switch setup from him when the one on my car failed. The previous owner had apparently read Ron's article about the slow reacting hydraulic switch and had installed a pedal position sensing switch. Unfortunately the previous owner chose a cheap switch made in the Far East. I was almost rear ended one night because of inferior design, workmanship, and materials.

Ironically, the 40 year old hydraulic switch got me home. I just moved the wires from the dead switch back to the OE switch. It worked OK; it just required a good stab at the brake pedal to make the brake lights illuminate. Just as Ron indicates, light pressure will not activate that switch.

Like Ron, I disassembled the failed switch looking for answers. The contacts had arced, just as described as the failure mode of the hydraulic switch.

I, like ninety-nine point nine percent of the population, like a bargain when I can find one. But I refuse to purchase anything made in the Far East intended to be utilized in a mission critical situation. I will buy things made in the Far East if it doesn't matter when it breaks (because it will) but a brake light switch is not one of those. You don't have to buy Ron's kit to get quality. But you will get quality if you buy Ron's kit.
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New CSI Goeteborg meets chronic Hydraulic Brake Light Switch failure... [120-130]
posted by  Ron Kwas  on Thu Dec 13 23:28 CST 2007 >

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