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Ross Converse V8 Volvo Wagon 700

Ross Converse V8 Volvo Wagon
This is a 1985 740GL Volvo Wagon professionally converted by Ross Converse Engineering. It has the 302 Ford with EFI and the Automatic AOD-E Transmission.
The car is a PROJECT car that needs the right owner. It is, as verified by paperwork, from the shop of Ross Converse and cost well north of $10,000 for this quality build.
It’s become a bit rough over the years but is a tremendous starting point and is an excellent platform for creating a great and fun vehicle. However, it can be a daily driver as it runs and drives well.
It has power windows, locks, heated seats, cruise, and A/C (not working). I have owned the car since 2000 and the first owner did the Converse conversion in 1996. It now has approx. 88,000 miles on the conversion. This has been a reliable (and ridiculously fun) car that can be driven anywhere. $4000 O.B.O. Please phone Aaron @ 310-940-8503

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