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Stuck SU Piston and Watery Intermediate Piece 120-130

1966 Stock 122

My 544 is awaiting driveshaft bushings. The 122 we purchased last year will take on commuting duties for a few days.

The few times we used the 122 so far, it had been difficult getting a good carb setting on the SU's by fiddling with the idle speed and fuel mixture screws. Yesterday I decided to try getting the carbs back to a basic setting. I started to remove the air filters in order to set the carb synch tool.

The front filter has a Crankcase Intermediate Piece. The CIP was full of a watery mixture. It didn't smell strongly of fuel and was too thin to be oil. The fluid was drained and the intermediate piece cleaned. The sun was on its way down so there wasn't much time to ponder this strange brew.

Once the filters were off a little push on the dashpot pistons revealed that the front piston was stuck in the down position. The dome was removed and. The piston could just be rotated enough to loosen it up and finally get it out.
The interior of the dome had a black sooty deposit on top of varnish. I used laquer thinner to clean dome and piston, reassmbled and topped up with ATF.

The car runs much, much better now. Does anyone know what that fluid in the crankcase intermediate piece might have been? Could the fluid be related to the dashpot piston getting stuck? Also, is there supposed to be a gasket on both sides of the intermediate piece?

Thanks in advance,

Joe M


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New Stuck SU Piston and Watery Intermediate Piece [120-130]
posted by  jmenacker  on Sun Feb 13 23:30 CST 2005 >

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