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Cooling issues 120-130


Since cold days have come back, I'm experiencing cooling problems... Never had one on the hottest day.

Here's the story: starting the engine in (almost) freezing mornings, the temp gauge will go up to the limit of the red zone (B20 gauge) and then down to normal IF I DRIVE AT A RELATIVELY FAST STEADY SPEED (tipically 50-70 mph). If i'm in town traffic (stop ad go's, and not exceeding 30-40 mph), the gauge will go into the red zone and stay there for several muinutes, which make me feel like stoppong the engine to prevent damage. When I do so, the result is that 1-2 litres of coolant are poured on the road (I use a rad without expansion bowl). and when I start the engine again, the temps goes back to normal for a while but rises over again slightly (still in the green zone) because of the lack of coolant.

My setup is B20B with its original waterpump (excellent condition 17k miles ago), the rad is out of a B18A'd 65 Amazon, the hoses are 17k miles old, thermostat is a 82 degC, tested in boiling water 17 kmiles ago.

What could cause this boiling and overflow, which happens, I repeat, ONLY IN COLD WEATHER. What should I check? Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance, I'm fed up spending 5 bucks on coolant every morning...
Cheers! Seb


New Cooling issues [120-130]
posted by  SebCH  on Sun Jan 4 21:03 CST 2004 >

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