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Radio Not Working and some other questions 200 1983

My stock Alpine radio is not playing tapes. It will eject any tapes that I put in, including those cleaning tapes. The radio works fine but not the cassette function. Anyone know what the cause is for this problem? Does this mean I have to trash my radio and get a new one? I prefer not to though.

While I'm here, can any of you guys tell me how much new spark plug wires (generic brand) and distro. cap cost? Also, how much does it usually cost to get a new head gasket? The place I went to said I have a leaking gasket, but I don't see any of my coolant in the resevoir disappearing or milky oil. Thanks!


New Radio Not Working and some other questions [200][1983]
posted by  someone claiming to be Ugly Duckling  on Wed Jan 31 09:21 CST 2001 >

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