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NO START On 1990 740 700 1990

I have a no-start situation on my '90 740GL with the B230F and Rex/Regina ignition (square coil). The engine cranks, but will not start. Only one of the 5 terminals going into the ignition coil/ignition control module shows 12 volts with key in 2nd position - no power on other 4. With key turned to 3rd position (cranking) voltage drops a bit on that terminal, but no voltage showing on any of the other 4 terminals, and of course no power coming out other side of ignition coil. Therefore no power to distributor/spark plugs. Fuel pump relay is good and main fuel pump runs on start attempt. This problem came on suddenly - drove car a couple hours earlier with no problems. No blown fuses in fuse box behind ashtray. Anybody have any ideas?


New NO START On 1990 740 [700][1990]
posted by  SleepingGiant  on Tue Jun 4 17:11 CST 2019 >

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