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Another Seemingly Mysterious Issue w/My 1993 Volvo 940 Wagon 900

Respectfully asking for your input...

When attempting to start my 940 this weekend, the starter motor cranked very slowly and I was unable to start the car. Yesterday, it had started and ran reasonably well however, after 30 minutes of running and shutting it down, the engine did not crank at all when I attempted to restart it. Today, it cranked very slowly and not sufficiently to start. I thought that it simply was a bad battery. I checked the battery with my voltmeter and much to my surprise, the voltage exceeded the normal range and measured between 15.6 and 16.2 volts! I have experienced several bad batteries in the past (suffering from low voltage) but I have never seen a high voltage situation. Could this be indicative of a bad voltage regulator within the alternator? If the voltage is high, wouldn't that be sufficient to crank the starter motor? (Unless the starter motor is coincidentally bad as well...) I also checked by on board diagnostic on the 940. The code readout was 1-3-2 which is 'Low voltage'. Before going to the major expense of replacing both the alternator and starter motor, I would appreciate any advice.

Many thanks!!



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