RWD - 93 240 classic 5spd wagon... found on 'bring a trailer'.. oh my!

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93 240 classic 5spd wagon... found on 'bring a trailer'.. oh my! 200 1993

So for 1):

The mirror and seat heaters are separate.

I know how to test an 89, 90, and 91 seat heaters. I know the 93 is different as it does not have the plastic mesh as the previous years mentioned, but I assume you could still unplug the seat heater connectors located under each seat and take a resistance measurement using an Ohm meter to determine at least if the wires are still intact. You have something very low in Ohms, like between 1 to 6 Ohms as it is a dead short, where as if you get nothing, like a large number, then you have an open and that means a wire has broken on the heating element mesh.

As far as the mirrors are concerned, my suspicion is that the two switches will need to be removed from the emergency brake console, taken apart and cleaned, and then re-greased with dielectric grease before assembly.

Hope this helps.



New 93 240 classic 5spd wagon... found on 'bring a trailer'.. oh my! [200][1993]
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