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1992 940 Regina losing power/stalling

Good Morning!
I have a 92 940 with Rex/Regina 135k miles. 3 months ago I had a couple incidents where when driving, the car would suddenly seem to lose 90% of its power and eventually stall unless I could get it in neutral and kid of feather the throttle. I hooked up a fuel gauge. 38psi when idling normally. When I manually rev the engie from the bay I watch the PSI go up to 40ish as I open her up. When the vehicle starts this "dying" scenario the PSI may drop to 35 as it stumbles. I replaced the pump with an el cheapo special a couple years ago. I have also swapped FPR and RSR with known goods. I pulled codes yesterday and got a 1 3 2(low voltage) so I got a new battery. No change. I also get a random code 2 2 3 which I suspect is due to me swapping/splicing in a Bosch IAC a few years ago. But it idles perfectly so I am not guessig that to be causative. It feels like its suddenly either losing timing, or mucho voltage...IDK. MAP sensor? It has new plugs wires/cap and rotor, but should I take cap off for a peak under? CPS?


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