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B30 water pump woes. 140-160

Hello all,

I am having many difficulties with a water pump for a B30a which is in my C303/TGB11 (same engine as the 164 carb version). I am on attempt #5 and am still experiencing leaks and am not sure what's going on.

TO start I made sure to clean the face of the block and the overhanging portion of the head thoroughly each time with copper scotch pad and brake cleaner so there is no residual rust or gasket material each time the pump is put in place.

For the last attempt I made my own gasket out of .45mm thick material which has created a situation where I have the least amount of leaking but still enough that the vehicle cannot be considered fully operational. I have three varying sized top head seals which are all varying in sizes. One set is 8.25mm tall, one 8.5mm tall and the last is 10mm tall. I had the worst success with the 10mm tall seals.

I have used hylomar on the top seals as well as the block/pump gasket.

Here is the process I have followed for getting the pump mounted:

First I place the pump where I can run the top right (passenger side) bolt and just about snug the bolt where the pump can still move a bit with pressure applied. Then with the help of a friend we swing the pump up and apply pressure until we can run the left top bolt (drivers side) and then partially snug it as well. Once this is done we do the same with the lower bolt then with a jack and a 2x4 we apply pressure from the underside of the pump and once we have applied what we consider enough pressure (suspension relaxes a bit) then we torque down the top left and lower bolt. After this we remove the top right bolt and run the heater pipe and align the heater pipe bracket then run the bolt back in and torque it down.

The pump I am using is a gates 42276 but this begs to question what is considered OEM quality on these pumps since there is no OEM Volvo pump being manufactured (original part # 461162-0 / TGB B30a or 461094 / 164 B30 series). The only real difference between these two OEM variation of pumps should be the fan mounting flange since the 164 uses a direct mounted fan whereas the C303 uses a shaft mounted remote fan and single vs dual belt setups.

Anyways, it really doesn't matter which way we try to install this pump we are consistently getting leaks from the top corners. It's really hard to tell if this weeping is originating from the top seals themselves or if the weeping is coming from the bolt hole locations.

If anyone has some experience and can chime in any and all feedback would be appreciated.

For what it's worth some have reported that they removed the head to install the pump and still experienced leaking so I would prefer not to remove the head as it doesn't seem to be a foolproof way in getting a dry and successful pump replacement.


New B30 water pump woes. [140-160]
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