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New 9004 Headlight Bulbs ... 200 1992

The 1992 240 GL Sedan included then new "SYLVANIA 9004 Basic Headlight Bulb" (HB1/9004 XV dated FEB 2007).


Not a fan of the 1986+ 240 US DOT plasti-lens assemblies for the awful beam cast pattern. I'd read the 9004 is a Ford cheap-out specification. Yet also read a well-cast opinion the 1986+ US DOT 240 application may be best.

Both headlight assemblies has separated at the factory-adhered seam that both secures and seals the reflector body and the lens together. The reflector lining remained perfect and the lens cleaned up well with some oven cleaner on both sides to debride away the yellowed quality in late 2007 after purchase.

The GOOP brand UV-resistant Marine (or RV?) models (?) of adhesive remain clear.

Yet the headlights were dimming and I could not quite tell in 2017-2018. I thought the issue was with MO-state and the St. Louis region signage and marking method using less modern materials as well as not renewing stripes, signage, marking, and other things as traffic and whether cause fading.

With vague notion of dimming halogen bulbs, realized the bulbs were 12 years since new. Retail store in this region beyond Walmart, the ever more expensive AutoZone, and the like, are the best the region has.

Sylvania now owns Osram. Yet OEM Osram 9004 I cannot find. Phillips 9004 choices on the shelf here are like years behind what Phillips website lists.

Rather go to a store, pay cash, and be done. Anachronistic, indeed!

So, for like nearly 50$ at the Walmart for the 2-pack of "SYLVANIA 9004 SilverStar Ultra Headlight Bulb".


Wonderful to see again. The headlights are also pointing too low, certainly the right passenger light to illuminate the right road edge fog line or right side lane skip line. Distant / overhead signs also reflect with the bulb change.

Check them bulbs and replace with new if they are old or dim. The corner and taillight tungsten bulbs also dim. Yet I have a lifetime supply as pulls from the junkyard.

I do plan on using a relay from the headlight relay to provide battery voltage with fuse protection for the low beams.

Did not ever quite get to conversion to LED. Yet now we have 9004 and other LED bulbs at SuperBrightLEDs.com and elsewhere that plug and play.

Or may plan to convert as this fellow did here:


The "Quad Headlight Conversion" link:

Causes the browser to ask where you wanna open it. In the current browser. Article references a brickboard thread to convert to quad squares. A 1983 sedan is apparently close at a junkyard.

Hope that helps.

Earl Grey'd Up MacDuff (hunny, milk).
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New 9004 Headlight Bulbs ... 200 1992

Sharp headlights, Monsieur MacDuff!

Grill and wheels looking good too...
Will I buy another Volvo??? We'll see....

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New 9004 Headlight Bulbs ... 200 1992

Hi Mr. Walker,

Not mine. That is an example conversion to quad round from a 1970s 240.

Wish I'd done this. There is a 1983 244 in a nearby yard, yet hard to do for me.

See here:


See in the Car Stuff list.

The "Quad Headlight Conversion" asks how you want to open the page. Open it in the current browser. The owner of the google site did not set permissions right at their end.

Mine are all crappy and junky.

My three 240 a few dayze ago, if facebook allows:

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New 9004 Headlight Bulbs ... 200 1992

Hi Macduff,

Sounds like something I need. Is this the same ?


Seems too cheap.

With regards to the plastic lenses on the later cars, has anyone on the board reviewed a product called WIPE NEW from Rustoleum ? After disappointing attempts with various lacquers and such, I was able to get an amazingly clear glass like finish with this stuff.

Search YouTube for videos.


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New 9004 or 30 years of crappy lenes! 200 1992


I’m not familiar with this Rustoleum product but Stepfather who was into plastic model cars and ships. He also strung sailing ships and hand painted other craft stuff before he died and so he knew tricks.
He said, he used some acrylic floor wax on the clear plastics of various models. Those that had small windows would completely cloud.
He said that the fumes evaporated from the glues and would haze the surfaces.
His answer was by applying the floor finish over the surface and it would then turn clear again.
I suspect it filled into the matt finish left from the attack.

I related this attack to be similar to the sun rays on any plastic.
So with that process, I would have to guess, that maybe, it is an acrylic or a resin based substance in Rustoleum. Probably clear acrylic spray paint resin for $5-6 a 12 oz. can!
It is using that with a strong kicker, with a name you can’t pronounce and don’t want to even know the side affects of, to make it bond to a plastic lens.

In the tube video, it showed a “plain white” bottle of “ Wipe New.” Curiously, I Didn’t see the Rustoleum brand name. Ever wonder where the formula came from? I smell a buyout, if the original company, created no liabilities on their own first!
Crest personal care division does this all the time!

All of which all of this reminds me of a Black dye, that was a real thin creamy like product I ran across being sold by some Portland Oregon college students for $10 a bottle many years ago!
It appeared to really dye the plastic interior parts as it appeared to “soak in!”

Very resilient stuff and kept black plastic black! Definitely renewed it.
A year or two later, I went to reorder and the phone number had disappeared. So sad I was!

Any who, Guess what their name of their product was? Back to Black! Bet you have seen that name.
I have seen several products with that same name since then but the liquid inside is white or thin and watery.
I guess they didn’t register that name or patent their concoction and a corporation smack them down or they never pursued higher goals!
Like the “Wipe New” it came with gloves, a piece of sponge and many precautions. It’s canty for This to be so similar in presentation.

My guess is this product must liquify the surface molecules because the author on the video said it appeared to etch from the stench that the camera girl was side stepping!
Possibly, it melts the plastic just enough to shed the oxidized dust back into the surface or gets absorbed up into the rags solution. Probably melts a foam sponge if the chemical are that hot!
I noticed most kits off pads or cloths with minimum amount of product.
Competition for profits in kit form. $2 for $10 divided through several retail channels becomes an industry and somehow that saves energy and carbon footprint? Give me a break!

Bottom line is the lenses are plastic. Shame not to be at least Lexan that GE made that is better but not an answer. Substitution of polymer coatings is not working long term.

Glass is, of course the answer time proven. The old or round headlights were and still are $15 and can be made to receive rear replacement elements the whole time without water leaks from cracks or separation anxieties!.
The headlights manufacturers try to work around doing that and it’s more exciting for them to create style and not so much for the aerodynamics purpose either! Don’t even don’t want to bring up Dealer proprietary profits!
Any fuel savings you will get from weight or aerodynamics is shot up in restoration or protection products, every year!
The DOT got hornswoggled into this consumer scam against out driving safety!
People are not going to take care of their cars and are driving everyday, blindly, because of this!

I use plastic polishes or Duco polishes compounds to remove wind blown scum off.
Try to park the car away from the sunshine direction in parking lots.
A stick of Duco rouge or a bottle of polish does several cars for years. We are stuck with this garbage might as well get good at it!

We should demand better quality from these throwaway cars, as we have the technology, for safety concerns!
One You Tube videoclip mentioned that an owner can be held liable for not maintaining their own headlights!
I sure hope that is false, but if true, that in itself could get the DOT to reverse the standards or you drive into the dealers and get replacements forever!
That still pinches wallets in reality, but the units price would fall!


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New 9004 or 30 years of crappy lenes! 200 1992

recently I have noticed a number of Mercedes C Class cara, not that old, with deteriorating plastic headlight lenses.
I guess you need to pay up for an S Class. So thinking that buying a Mercedes will make you be seen as Upper class??? The C Class line eventually shows the owner to be just a poser. The C means you bought Cubic Zirconium, not a real diamond. LOL

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New 9004 or 30 years of crappy lenes! 200 1992

I believe the C in C-class stand for "Commoner". The E-class means "Everyone can afford one".

Everybody knows the S-class is where it's at.

(Almost) On topic content: The move to plastic makes sense not just for the ease of manufacture in complex shapes but also for the weight savings; every little bit helps raise fuel economy.

Mandatory Volvo content: What was the last Volvo with glass headlights? My '95 850 still had 'em, so I suppose that would get us up to at least '97...

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New 9004 or 30 years of crappy lenes! 200 1992

I’ll have to check, but I’m pretty sure the S70/V70 thru MY 2000 also had glass sealed headlights. After all they are essentially an updated 850...:)
The early 2000’s V70/XC70’s also might have had glass headlights. If so, that brings us up to MY 2007. Once again, Volvo outdoes the competition!
Will I buy another Volvo??? We'll see....

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New 9004 or 30 years of crappy lenes! 200 1992

'the second car I ever bought after moving South of the Mason-Dixon Line, was a 1970 Peugeot 304. I had illegal, in MD, headlights 'UnSealed Beam' Halogens, the 4X set up...which to Kitty and I agree, look the best and have the Plus of letting U seen the most, when there is no 'oncoming traffic'. (If no one is on the OtherSide - let me light up a 1000ft. I can go that much faster before I run-out-my-HeadLights...........FKin DEER.

Well to get Tru Registration/Inspection(Vehicle Changine Ownership etc), I had to pull those Lamps and put in SEALEDBEAM incandesents.

But then 'suddenly" a year or two later, at WallyMart you cud buy SealedBeam Halogens....MOre Lite See Death on Road--AVOID. No Longer ILEGAL to have on Car.

So now all HeadLights "legal" in the US are Not Sealed Beam...OH or D'OHHHHHHH

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New 9004 Headlight Bulbs ... 200 1992

Nothing to add, but I enjoy your posts and pictures. Thanks.

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New 9004 Headlight Bulbs ... 200 1992

Thank you. Was sort of busting up there.

Much better with Uncle Old Duke back in the saddle!

Sure Happy it's Wednesday (all day long).

Time to drive more facebook RWD Volvo group page members to the brickboard. Hope it is working. Been doing so since 2011.

Mmmmm, images like this!!!!:

If pinterest allows it (know how to hack the URL in spite of cookies):

Say no to photobucket!

Raised a glass of the ripple with Uncle Old Duke!!!!!

Not yet found any here in St. Louis. I could find this in Spokane. Hmmmmm.
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