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Thanks, Planetman; Part number? 200 1988

Elring as iPd has it. If out East, try FCP Groton.

Elring and Volvo PNs on the page, not all are true to orange Elring seal as some PNs are for the thin brown or grey viton (?) material seal.


As Eric Planetman says, and ...

Though I offer a mere speck (no, much less) of Eric Planetman's professional years of service, like Eric I have encountered very loose (finger loose and looser) carrier plate be it the crank seal carrier plate or the front engine timing plate that carries the two lower front engine oil seals (oil exposure, vibration is another cause). I remove the plates, you need not drop the oil pan though each plate has threaded bores for the front or rear oil pan bolts. I replace the paper gasket with quality OEM or get from (Tasca) Volvo if your local dealership wants to charge you too much. If no seal press, ask around at auto machine shops with a seal press that can press in the seal properly. Only issue is alignment of the wear groove on the crank or cam shafts. You want the seal contact with the crank or cam shaft to not contact the same location of the wear grooves where the prior seal install was. So, in a little bit more, usually, or out if the former seal was pressed in further at the factory.

There is a tool to press in the replacement crank seal with the carrier plate on the engine.

Hope that helps.

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New Rear Main Oil Seal Leak? [200][1988]
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