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1985 244 thread on what I'm trying to fix now: No start, Fuel Injectors 200

At the advice of counsel I am starting a new thread.

I have a 1885 244 that will cough a bit when cranking, but won't start. After a couple months of weekends checking the wiring and connections,changing the ECU and ICU,and a side trip replacing my slipping crank pulley, timing and accessory belts, and (for good measure) the water pump, This thread is a case study of my attempt to follow troubleshooting procedures for the LH2.2 fuel injection system on a 1985 B230F. (Paraphrased help from Art Bernstein is included below.)

What I'm trying to fix now: A no start condition.

Engine cranks (and occasional coughs). Fuel in fuel rail, spark at plugs. Assumption: Fuel injectors are not injecting.

I'm using the Bentley Manual, "Checking Main Relay" p. 241-11. Using a test lamp in the harness connections to the System/Fuel relay.

Step 1: Check 87/1 and 87/2 for voltage when cranking? -- Yes, voltage is present at both of these terminals when the engine cranks.

Step 2: The yellow/black wire goes to 86-1 which is the system relay coil. It needs a ground from the computer to keep the system relay pulled in. The purpose of this circuit is to keep the fuel system active for the amount of time it takes to deliver the burn-off current to the AMM's hot wire. The test is done with the ignition switch at Key Position 2 (KP-2. A very low/no voltage condition when the ignition is energized is required for the engine to run.

Test result: No voltage.


New 1985 244 thread on what I'm trying to fix now: No start, Fuel Injectors [200]
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