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Slow Cold Start, 1992 Volvo 940 Rex Regina, Normally Aspirated 900 1992

I am experiencing a slow start or long crank (3 to 4 second) when the engine is cold. Once started the engine runs fine. Once started and shut off, the engine restarts quickly without delay. However, if the engine is off for a few hours the slow start is experienced. Any thoughts on what is the root cause of this problem?

A fuel smell is present after the slow start or long crank. For some reason the engine seems to be calling for excessive fuel when the engine is cold.

It is important to note that the cold start occurs when the engine is cold. The situation is experienced in warm and cool air temperatures.

The following preventive maintenance (PM) and replacements, that may be pertinent, have been completed:

New Fuel Pump Assembly 5/2013 old one died
New Fuel Filter 5/2013
New Fuel Pressure Regulator 6/2014 PM (This is a 3.0 bar FPR should it be?)
New Air Filter 4/2016 PM
Cleaned Idle Air Control Valve 9/2016 PM
Replaced RPM Sensor 10/2016 (in search of engine shut off at 60 MPH issue)
Replaced Power Stage (non-blue box) due to engine shut off issue 11/2016 PM (fixed problem)
Cold Start problem may have started around December of 2016
Bosch Distributor Cap 7/2017 PM
Bosch Rotor 7/2017 PM
Bougicord Class E Wires 7/2017 PM
Cleaned Throttle Body 7/2017 PM
Cleaned Air Temperature Sensor 7/2017 PM
New Volvo Plugs 7/2017 PM
New Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor (experienced two ECT 2-2-4 codes) 7/2017
Vacuum line hose connections to plastic line replaced where visible 7/2017
Engine Sensor connectors cleaned with Deoxit 7/2017
Engine Ground connections removed and cleaned 7/2017
Fuel Injectors Professionally Cleaned by RC Injection 9/2017
Intake Manifold Gasket replaced 9/2017

I searched multiple forums and found a few similar Rex Regina situations, but no root cause defined. Please let me know your thoughts as to what the root cause of my slow start problem may be.


New 1 Slow Cold Start, 1992 Volvo 940 Rex Regina, Normally Aspirated [900][1992]
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