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Selling my 1991 245 M47 200

The time has come to sell my 91 245 M47.
I thought I would post the car here in case any of the folks who have helped me keep the car running might be interested...

1991 Volvo 240 Wagon
5-speed M47 transmission
209k miles
Solid Stage 1 runner.
Second motor w/ custom head.

All go no show.

All high mileage maintenance performed to make the car Stage 0.
(The only mechanical issue is a slight leak from the rear differential seal.)

Performance upgrades made to make the car NA Stage 1.
For example: Custom head with VX cam. Upgraded suspension with IPD swaybars, braces and Bilstein HD shocks.

All parts and work documented back to 2001. I even know the shop who sold the car to who I bought it from.
Over $12,000 invested in parts and shop work since 2003. I have all the paperwork

to prove it.

Very solid NA runner. The car drives completely different than a stock NA 245 with auto tranny. The car loves third gear on back roads. Tracks great at speed on dirt roads. Will climb up highway hills at 70mph in 4th gear. With HD shocks and heavy duty springs, the 245 will carry a nice load in back, with power to move it. The car is a tool, not a show piece.

I just made a 200 miles trip. A mix of 90mph highway and stop and go city driving. The car worked fine.

Rear seat removed with a custom deck in it's place. This provides storage space where the folded seat once was, and makes for a more solid platform than the seat. With this deck modification I was able to use the 245 as a camper, and sleep in the car. Plus the deck works like a pickup truck bed to haul lumber or whatever.

All high maintenance work done. AMM, driveshaft carrier bearing, all suspension bushings, radiator, hoses, Steering rack, tie rods, O2 sensor, most all relays, etc.

Lot of dings, scratches and rust spots.
A variety of "creature comforts" not working/missing; i.e. no map pockets, no AC, no rear window defrost, no passenger side seat heater and the radio does not work.
A lot of the small things wrong with the car could be easily fixed, I just never bothered to...
Scruffy interior, since I treated the wagon like a truck. Cracked plastic pieces, rear panels dirty and cracked, etc.
A lot of the front plastic panels are not in place, but I have the parts.
A "minor restoration" could be done to the interior easily enough. No rips in the headliner.
Trip odometer not working.
The steering wheel is slightly out of alignment, but drives and tracks perfectly straight.
(I installed a new steering rack and tires then had an alignment. I then installed new a steering coupler..)
There are probably other small things I'm missing. The car is not perfect.

Speedometer is fast by 7mph due to 15" wheels.

There is an intermittent high pitched sound that comes out of the dash. It only happens at a highway speed of 70mph or more, and on a windy day. A crosswind causes the noise. On a calm day there is no noise, and at lower speeds there is no noise. The source of the noise is a rubber seal behind the dash for the fresh air vent.



Second motor (miles since install?)
1985 B23 block (approx. 100k miles)
rebuilt head
ported and polished
Rebuilt by Knox Motorsports
3-angle valve job/shaved deck/new guides/springs shimed to VX cam
IPD VX camshaft
Avalache adjustable cam gear (advaned 4* - 5* actual with shaved head deck)
silicon spark plug wires
100 amp Bosch alternator with Dave Barton external regulator (+spare)
Unitek Header into OEM turbo exhaust
preheat removed from airbox
K&N air filter
fuel injectors cleaned and balanced
new Nissen radiator with internal thermostat - hoses replaced
940 electric fan conversion
recent timing belt and pulley (OEM)
2nd clutch
motor mounts and tranny mounts replaced
Volvo factory fluid in tranny
replaced driveshaft carrier bearing and front u-joint


Bilstein HD shocks/struts (80k miles)
strut mounts replaced
IPD swaybars
Volvo firewall braces
IPD Cherry Turbo strut brace
IPD heavy duty rear springs
front/rear bushings replaced (IPD mix of rubber and poly)
rebuilt steering rack + balljoints
replaced steering coupler
15" 940 steel wheels
Fresh Michelin tires (under 2k miles) - Hunter computer spin balanced
brakes all recently replaced


cruise control
Volvo turbo smaller steering wheel (no SRS)
large tachometer
oil pressure gauge
economy fuel gauge (manifold pressure)
new heater blower motor and valve (yes, the job that requires removing the entire dash)
odometer gear repaired
aftermarket cupholder armrest
Volvo molded all weather floormats
removed backseat - replaced with custom deck
tinted windows (not perfect homedid job, but nice and dark)
scruffy interior - some broken and missing plastic parts, loose panels
headliner not ripped
Kenwood front speakers


OEM roof rack added
IPD amber side marker lights
rear hatch glass replaced
new hatch struts
Fiama horns
factory black hood (from a 93)
POR-15 over rust areas underneath
blue cltoh seat skin on drivers seat

LH3.1 specific parts:air mass meter ($450 new), ECU and TPS
tie rods
brake pads
parking brake pads
tailgate wiring
cam gear
voltage regulator
various relays
drive belts
oil pressure gauge sender

Photobucket page:

Asking $3300 obo

contact: mrnabisco(AT)hotmail.com


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New Selling my 1991 245 M47 [200]
posted by  MrNabisco  on Sun Nov 12 00:24 CST 2017 >

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