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In order to get to it, you are into it, period.

I added small plastic tubes to my first and oldest car some 30 years ago. It still has the original fan and get its felts oiled about every ten years. But those motors have a large aluminum housing.
I made it so I could lube it from the upper vents area by removing them.

As I said, It still required removing the fan and figuring out how to salvage it by cleaning up the bearing bores.
Drilling holes into the end bells to lube the felts and fishing the lines up out and through the motors enclosure or plenum.
It is quite a project requiring days to plan, implementing those and pulling all the incidentals back together.
Take plenty of your own pictures for details and do good research.

Get your head into planning a weekend.
Not all new fans have a chassis as conducive to making great modifications to or as anyone would like. It one of the hardest or longest job you'll ever do just to change out one part.
It will save you upwards from $800 to do it yourself.

If you still decide to tackle this, there are lots of pictures.
The methods of installing aftermarket units here and other web sites.
The motors are made of punched sheet metal with very limited access to the hubs containing the felts and adding tubing into those spaces can difficult but is do able.
Some better motor manufactures will have their own drip tube channels paths. Maybe you can find vinyl tubing to fit into them.
It only helps when the fans mounting holes allow the slant of gravity to work with those tubes to the felts.
Shop carefully as stock changes.
If you buy one of them make sure to add better lube oil. To me they are shipped way too dry for hazardous material reasons I guess?

That about all I can tell you. You will have to work as hard as you think it will be worth it.
I'm sure a lot of us just throw the motor in and call it good until next time!



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New Squealing interior vent fan [200]
posted by  guysaab  on Thu Sep 21 16:21 CST 2017 >

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