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85 245 high idle problem... bad ECU? 200 1985

Hello, this is my first post on brickboard, so if I do something dumb, I apologize.

A while back I bought this 85 245 GL. $500, barely ran, could hardly move itself under its own power. Exactly the type of project I was looking for. Things were going well for a while, replaced a load of parts, project was moving along nicely. Now I've got it running pretty good aside from one thing. It idles at around 3k rpms.

Car has the B230F engine, LH 2.2 FI. The cause of the high idle seems to be the IACV. When the engine is idling and the outlet hose of the IACV is slowly pinched off, the rpms drop at the same sort of rate until the engine stalls. The thing seems to just stay open when its on the car. I took the valve off and cleaned it and it works fine when I use my bench power supply to put 12V to the terminals. Resistance through the coils is fine. No sticking, the valve clicks over to both ends just fine. But it doesn't seem to work when I install it in the car and plug it in.

I know I'm plugging in the right connector. Resistance at the ECU connector checks out. The throttle switch tests fine too. I get approximately 12V at the IACV connector when its unplugged and the engine is running. The voltage responds when the throttle is opened, but I can only test one side at a time, so I'm not sure if its responding as it ought to be. I've replaced all the big vacuum hoses and any of the smaller ones that looked like they ought to be. Every test I've done leads me to believe the TPS, IACV, and all connections are fine. As far as I know, the only thing left that could be the problem is the FI ECU.

Am I missing something? Are there more tests I can do? Am I agonizing myself enough over a $200 (to repair) part? Give me your wisdom, o great Volvo gurus.


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New 1 85 245 high idle problem... bad ECU? [200][1985]
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