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Amazon wagon for free 120-130

So don't post here often as LeMons racing takes most of my time. This had to come here, though. It likely would have trouble getting registered in CA and mih be difficult elsewhere but a basically rust free non-running Amazon long roof has to support someone's project:

"Posting for a non-Lemons acquaintance. I posted this earlier in the year. The guy was looking for 450 obo. Now it is FREE. Guy lost his storage and just want to see it go to a good home. Located in San Luis Obispo, CA. Here is the info he gave me. This is FREE.
The wagon has a B20 engine which seized at idle.
My guess is that a big end cap let lose.
Ran at hyway speed before I shut it off.
2 sets of SU carbs w/ intake manifold.
valve train
fly wheel
inside doorcovers
five good tires & rims
Passenger side door the only place with major rot;
Needs paint
Door works but needs Plexiglas window replaced.
Seats oks
Trans. and cluch ok, no overdrive
new slave cyc.
Out of reg and not non op-ed.
Bring a trailer

Ping me if you need help getting in contact with guy but this is more heads up. the guy putting it on the LeMons facebook forum is not the owner but one of the legends of crazy builds and well known to be legit.


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