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Running Poorly Right off idle. 1800 1972

I have a 1972 P1800 es I rebuilt the engine and it runs fine but i have this strange problem that right off idle it acts as though it has a major Ign. brake down or a lean surge. i have a new fuel pump and i set the pressure at 30 lbs. It seems to like that pressure the best.
It does have a aftermarket electronic Ign. but it ran fine before the rebuild

I have checked the primary resistance in the coil and have 8.0 ohms new cap and tune up parts.

I checked the vacuum control unit by using a mini vac and it held at 15 pounds. the old one failed that test.

I set the throttle switch

I had a spare computer and replaced that, and i do get a better idle but that wasn't it either.

I must be missing something does anyone have any suggestions? HELP!!


New Running Poorly Right off idle. [1800][1972]
posted by  MyMGs  on Tue Nov 22 13:16 CST 2016 >

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