RWD - 940 no spark help please. Research done, some fixes made, still no spark.

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940 no spark help please. Research done, some fixes made, still no spark. 900

Ok, so I drove home the other day, parked my car (no drivability issues at all, everything was perfect).
Came out one cold morning last week (15 degrees) and no start.
I thought it was my main pump as it was making weird noises lately (stuttering sounds, but no effects on performance). So, I figured after 330K miles, it was a good fuel pump and it did its duty.

Ordered one up from FCP and replaced it yesterday.
Fuel pressure at the rail, Fuel pump relay doing its job energizing the main fuel pump and reaching pressure and switching off.

No start.

Checked for 12v at the coil with ignition in KPII, just 1.5 volts on both sides of the coil (each spade terminal was tested for 12v with my power probe and no 12v, just 1.5v)

SO, I am thinking power stage.
I pulled power stage connector, all looks very good inside the connector.
12V at Pin 4
Continuity to ground at Pin 2

So, if it is my power stage, would this allow 1.5 volts out to the coil at KPII (Key position II)?

I am going to order another power stage as my "spare" looks to be a different type.

Will a different type power stage work? FCP shows two different part numbers, the power stage that I tried was from a 240 of similar vintage. It did not work, and still no start.

Any thoughts?


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New 940 no spark help please. Research done, some fixes made, still no spark. [900]
posted by  mgcarma  on Tue Feb 14 10:39 CST 2012 >

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