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troubleshooting 700 1989

hello all-
i'm having trouble tracing down a problem i'm having with my B230FT.
i recently replaced the turbo. i no longer have oil blowing into the intercooler and TB.
however i have some sort of blowby or something in my expansion tank and lose the same amount of coolant after a few days of driving. a day or two and i don't lose any but after a week about the expansion tank's worth of coolant is gone, no sign of leaks, and there is some sort of brown blowby in specs in the tank. it doesn't look like oil. i can go 2 weeks without checking and no extra coolant is missing (this was a problem with original turbo and continues after swap). not really losing any oil, car drives OK (hunting idle, particularly when warm in N or P, or in gear coasting downhill idle will slowly rev up to 1800 then drop down to about 1000)

of note: one of the stud housings in the new turbo that connects the exhaust pipe to back of turbo apparently stripped and a stud will not go into it, making for a likely leak in this connection.
there isn't any white smoke or any other sign of a headgasket leak. all hoses and expansion tank are less than a year old. any ideas?


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posted by  myribitsbroke  on Sat Feb 4 18:48 CST 2012 >

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