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Lesson learned - chrome strip clips 140-160 1973

I've been through repairing the roof and repainting the hood (Thanks, Gary!) on the Yellow Peril.
The old hood got bent when my grandson left it open one winter because he couldn't identify
the problem that ensued when the wire between the coil and distributor got disconnected.
After being open for over a year with snow and whatever other weather comes to Green Country,
he tried to close it and bent the hood because the rusty hinges wouldn't.
Meanwhile a bunch of the valves got stuck and various other problems were handled
(some of you may remember the go-round with the heater).
The hood Gary gave me was silver and didn't match the car so since I had to do rust repair
and painting on the roof I did the hood also - a most educational experience!
I finally got the paint rubbed to a fine gloss today so I installed the trim strip across
the front edge of the hood. Apparently this hood came from an earlier model because I had
to drill holes for the mounting clips, p/n 1247908 (or maybe 1247708).
¼" holes are correct for thse nylon clips, and they are the same as used for the side trim
on 140/164 and also early 240s. I thought I was familiar with them.
They are kind of like a plastic rivet that fits into a ¼" hole and they have a pin which
you drive into them which expands the clip into the hole. On the old ones the pin is a
separate part and is partly pressed into the clip when you get it.
NOT SO the new ones! They are a one-piece molding with thin tabs between the pin and the body.
That means that the pin is not started into the hole when you get it, and if you are holding
the clip and hammering the pin and don't hit it quite straight, one tab breaks leaving the pin
hanging from the clip.
I took the clips in the garage and put them in the vise to press the pin into the clip just enough
to start it in the hole and break the tabs, NOT far enough to expand it.
Then I made a flat piece of sheet metal with a 3/16" hole, big enough to hold the clip
to the hood and keep my fingers out of harm's (and hammer's) way. They went in pretty well
after that. I used some chrome polish on the aluminum trim strip and it looks REAL!
Then I installed the windshield washer nozzle (I had to drill a hole for it also.)
The nozzle I have is the plastic one with the two little balls in it, which is supposed to
snap into the hood. Well, it was a pretty heavy snap and when I finally got it into the hole
it was facing about 20° left of center. I was able to grip it with channellocks protected
with a bunch of paper towels and re-orient it.
I also FINALLY got to use the bit of info I gleaned from a shop bulletin:
You aim the little nozzle balls by sticking a pin in the hole and moving the ball in
the plastic socket. Don't stick the pin in too far or you will pop the ball out of the socket!
I managed to press it back in with the same channellocks and got it where it sprays right on both sides.
Now I need to get some new wiper blades so it does more than make a mess.
So now the Yellow Peril has a yellow hood, duly decorated with an aluminum strip across the front
and with a functioning windshield washer. Almost like a real car!
George Downs Bartlesville, Oklahoma


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New Lesson learned - chrome strip clips [140-160][1973]
posted by  walrus3  on Tue Oct 4 17:38 CST 2011 >

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