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740 Sporadically Idled rough, now really rough 700

I have a `91 740 that had two problems, one, it had a bad ignition switch. I replaced the ignition and while test driving it, I noticed that the car idled a little rough. Then I noticed that I had no acceleration when I turned a corner. Then, the car started idling rough as I stopped. (All in the span of 30 minutes test drive). Jiffy Lube suggested I should add fuel system cleaner, and I did. Finally, it had no acceleration even if I stood on the gas pedal it just rough idled.

I replaced the fuel pump about 1 year ago and tuned it up about a year ago.

I got it home and checked the fuel pressure regulator which seemed bad so I replaced it, and now, the car is incapable of starting unless I stand on the gas pedal, idles incredibly rough, and when it does run sounds like a vw bug instead of a volvo 740.

Any thoughts, the only other thing I have found is cleaning the throttle body.


New 740 Sporadically Idled rough, now really rough [700]
posted by  someone claiming to be SLODan  on Sat Jul 28 18:25 CST 2007 >

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