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Smiths Pod Tach Innards - Adapting to a 4 cylinder? 120-130

I picked up this smiths pod tach last year. Its a 6 cylinder model for a 164. I've been trying to figure out how to convert it from timing to 6 cylinders to working with 4 cylinders.

I know very little about these but I suspect that the key *might* be the little grey square of metal visible at the bottom. It seems to bridge the upper and lower halves of the apparatus and it is only held in place by magnetic nature of the two halves. That is, it is not magnetic, only a bit of metal that can be easily removed. I wonder if I remove or use a smaller bit of metal, I can change the magnetic resistance and thus make it behave as a 4-cylinder tach.
Well.. maybe not.

My backup plan is to fit the smiths face over a smaller variable electric tach and put that inside the pod - thus making it look original, even when it's an aftermarket unit.

Any thoughts??

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New Smiths Pod Tach Innards - Adapting to a 4 cylinder? [120-130]
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