2005 volov 2.5  code PO190 V50 2005
posted by cmarion on Mon Jan 30 17:05  2012
Hello I have a 2005 V50 2.4l that is having intermitemt check engine light code P0190 Fuel rail pressure sensor. It comes and goes any suggestions how to correct this problem. Could it be the gas cap I tightned it code went away now reappeared.
2005 volvo 2.5  code PO190 V50 2005
posted by KlausC on Mon Jan 30 17:53  2012
I found this:
I have an 2004 S40 T5 with the same problem, reading codes: 208C:-fuel pressure sensor interruption/signal too high, 209B:- fuel pressure sensor signal improbable.

I replaced the fuel rail pressure sensor, and it is a very easy fix.

The fuel rail pressure is on the top left corner of the engine below a plastic cover, just to the right of the cam belt, and below the oil cap. It is secured by one (yes only 1) torx screw. #WARNING# Ensure you hold a rag over the sensor whilst removing it as the rail will probably be pressurised, I'm sure there's a bleed valve somewhere but I'm not sure where

I got the sensor for £68 ($107USD) by quoting the Bosch part no (written on the side of the sensor) to my local autofactor who ordered direct from Bosch.
The above came from:
Your P0190 equates to the 209B.


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2005 volvo 2.5  code PO190 V50 2005
posted by cmarion on Tue Jan 31 00:04  2012
Thanks Changed the sensor today took 10 mins Now all is fine, I had a dealer buddy get me the part at cost form the local volvo dealer

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