Depo brand e-codes? 200 
posted by ZJZ on Tue Dec 20 19:17  2011
Thinking about upgrading the lights on my '92 245 to e-codes and found some 'Depot' brand ecode assemblies. Anyone with any experience or ever heard of this brand?

EDIT: Looks like the correct brand name is Depo rather than Depot. Found a few previous threads but no definitive vote either way. Anyone tried?

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I wonder if the source meant ... (and if so, I can't recommend ...). 200 
posted by Ken C on Tue Dec 20 20:54  2011
I wonder if the source of "Depot" was actually "DJ Auto" -- maybe the spoken word was confused?

There is a "DJ Auto" version of the headlights, although I have had a lot of problems* with their lack of quality. They were so bad that when it came time to buy another set for a second car, I coughed up the (considerable) extra money to buy the genuine OEM "Volvo/Cibie" lights, and they are worth every extra penny.


* The three mounting studs pull out of their sockets, allowing the headlights to fall off the car (if not held on by their wiring) -- the V/C lights' studs are embedded in the plastic and cannot pull out.

The adjusters can't be finger-turned, as they're too stiff, without a small wrench or ratchet socket -- the V/C lights can be adjusted with finger-turning, nice and smooth.

The seal or dust cover over the H4's doesn't properly stay on -- the V/C's counterpart fits nice, keeping everything clean.

The reflector and front lens is a poor design, and although light-years ahead of the "plastic", USA/DOT headlights, is nevertheless blotchy and non-uniform (and therefore has distracting shadows) in its illumination pattern -- whereas the V/C's lights (better reflector and lens optical design) is very uniform and gives a better illumination across the field.

I wonder if the source meant ... (and if so, I can't recommend ...). 200 
posted by Photoman327 on Mon Dec 26 12:29  2011
did you install HID in your ecodes?
No, not HID.  Only H4's ...). 200 
posted by Ken C on Mon Dec 26 16:11  2011
No. I haven't seen any HID substitute kits that allow for both low and high beam -- the only ones I've seen offer only one mode.

I use good quality (from Daniel Stern Lighting), moderately higher wattage, H4 (along with his high temperature sockets); and with 10 gauge wiring (including negative return path, instead of relying on a chassis ground), relays (one for high and one for low on each side, or 4 all together) and fuses.

Depo brand e-codes? 200 
posted by ZJZ on Tue Dec 20 23:30  2011
Following some hunting, a company named Depo in Taiwan does indeed make repro headlights for a variety of vehicles, so it would appear to at least be possible that it wasn't a typo or misread...
Depo brand e-codes? 200 
posted by ZJZ on Wed Dec 21 18:19  2011
Some additional discussion here - looks to be somewhat pleased, and maybe similar to or maybe(?) better than what is offered by DJAuto -
Depo brand e-codes? 200 
posted by dpsam on Sun Dec 25 15:15  2011
Here's some more input from an old post:


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