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Parental choices

Flab FC,

You may ask why I am awake at this dark dank hour of the night. I suspect you know... figuring out how to take care of the parent(s)and please them while maintaining our own future and progress in life. This week a co-worker of mine shared his experience with caring (assisted living) for his mother who at the age of 80 had her hip shattered in a car accident, she went through the surgery and the physical therapy, it took four months before she could walk without assistance. When the Doctor told her she was good to go back home, she pitched a fit and said: "Bulldoze the house, I ain't going back there", I'm staying here! A few days later, her son sent her the video of the bulldozer fulfilling her wishes and received great accolades from her as a result.

Later today, my wife and I will visit my parents, she will deliver the nick knacks and supplies my mother has requested. I will take my father for an early Fathers day ride in his "retirement toy", nope, not a brick, but I doubt anyone on the BB would object. The only question now is if I'll still have a drivers license at the end of the day!

Eight quarts of an oil change plus filter along with a brake system flush... it must now be time for bed.

I wish you and your mother the best with her recovery. If she isn't happy, just remember, according to my co-worker, a bulldozer goes a long way!


92 245 315K miles, IPD'd to the hilt, 06 XC70, 00 Eclipse custom Turbo setup...currently taking names and kicking reputations!


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