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I couldn't help but add these anecdotal Morgan stories. I have a photo client in Connecticut who races two three wheeler Morgan's. One of them is stock, the other has the JAP motor modified to 120hp. Believe me, old does not equal slow. If you ever have a chance to attend a Vintage Sports Car Club of America (VSCCA)race you're sure to see Morgans being used for the purpose for which they were built. One of those races, The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix is free for spectators and a beatiful event run through a city park.
Second story--My good friend Gert was given a +4 model Morgan. The owner was wrapped up living on the "wild side" of life and just didn't want to deal with a car that wouldn't move--turned out to be stripped splines in a rear wheel hub. The owner passed away before he could change his mind. Gert has decided to make the Morgan his "retirement" project (whenever that happens). I was telling a Morgan racer/photo client this story a few years ago at a track in South Carolina. His comment---"tell your friend to start NOW if he ever wants to actually drive the car". -- Dave


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