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U.S. Innocent Citizens as Targeted Individuals -> FBI (and their designates)

Well, Kitty, you are absoltootly correct in yer discovery that there is something amiss with this new administration, which was supposed to begin correcting all the previous snoopings around in our private lives.....artists have been particularilly pursued for their grumblings......during the Bush administration.......

correct me if wrong, but I think back in Jan. a sweeping directive/order/law of some kind or another made it possible for the SS to determine you to be a threat or whatever it was called, to whomever or whatever they were protecting......

Anybody know of this new parameter??? you could be stumbling down a hallway at yer hotel not knowing that it had been secured for whatever reason, and swooped up by this new law......held incomunicato for questioning without anyone knowing wherethehell you were.......

ladies and germs, we have been pleading with Lefties here to wake up fer about the last three years......and all we git is ridicule while the Lefties along with the rest of us are being railroaded into a policestate.....

why do you think the government, amoung other things, wants to possess yer health records???? not because they give a damn about yer health... because such records, along with yer income, yer bank, yer identity, yer emails, yer websites, etc., is "information", and information is power in the hands of an institution which can control, compel, constrain, and confuse us......

freedom is an idea that when extinguished will be impossible to regain.......it is either protected and nurtured, or it is extinguished.....it matters nothing if a Rebooblicrat or Demarxicrat is in power if this continues unabated.....and where our watchdog the Press????? prattling on about free rubbers and pills for the unwashed......amazing isn't it how the Left who believe themselves to be informed can be misdirected so easily???? We've heard nothing from the Left thus far.....no concern.....no worry......nothing to fear there......just give it up for the Man!!!

now, Lefties, have at it.......tell us how you are not it the least bit concerned because Marx is defending yer turf.........


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New U.S. Innocent Citizens as Targeted Individuals -&gt FBI (and their designates)
posted by  kittysgreyvolvo  on Mon Mar 5 14:52 CST 2012 >

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