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U.S. Innocent Citizens as Targeted Individuals -> FBI (and their designates)


I'm asking the BB opinions and knowledge and experiences of being an innocent, private, U.S. citizen that is a "targeted individual".

See here:

A "targeted individual" is a U.S. citizen that is essentially harassed by the FBI, their designates (state, county, municipal gendarme {the fuzz} and their designates {civilians, ex-felons, and others paid with nothing better to do}).

The reach and means are most sinister. The invasion of life and home can be most complete. For those that need to work for a living, you can be harassed out of a job, prevented from getting one, or much worse.

I'm asking here if anyone has knowledge of this, what action they've taken or not, the symptoms, and so on.

I ask as I am a "targeted individual." I've been a "targeted individual" since the early-mid 1990s while attending college at CSU, Chico. I lived in four locations from the West Coast to one Midwest city location. Moving cures nothing. I have no criminal record other than blowing one stop light, one stop sign, and a few speeding tickets, mostly in the 1979 Volvo 242 GT I owned in the 1990s in NorCally and Oregon. (All 3200 hundred pounds of it, with a 200 pound driver, and the fabulous 110 or less HP B21 F with M46 manual transmission.)

I've spoken to the useless ACLU and have written the law office of Gerry Spense. I've spoken with more than a few so-called civil liberties trial attorneys on several states. Only a "government defense" private investigator verified what I knew quite some years ago.

You go to the ACLU building in St. Louis, and with the St. Louis FBI office nearby, the agents circle the ACLU office during the St. Louis ACLU open hours. They are usually closed. You have to be damned sneaky to get an audience with the ACLU and sneak into the building, hopefully undetected (unlikely!).

I've had it. There may be at least half a million or more "targeted citizens" in the USA alone. This happens in other countries, too, like the UK, Canada, and more, apparently.

You thoughts, comments, criticisms, and so forth?


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New U.S. Innocent Citizens as Targeted Individuals -&gt FBI (and their designates)
posted by  kittysgreyvolvo  on Mon Mar 5 14:52 CST 2012 >

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