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Now there's a surprise...

Glad that reactivated this thread, I wanted to let you know that your beloved economic "boom" in Williston has claimed another victim, another itinerant oil field worker has murdered another local, let the good times roll! Yippee for good times!

Supposedly, today's Billings Gazette was doing a spread on the "boom" from the perspective of local, over-taxed law enforcement in the affected region. Tomorrow's paper is supposed to be reporting on the "mini Bakken" right here in my own back yard, should be fun. I just can't wait for the unholy dollar to turn my neighborhood to shit. I've been through it a couple of times before and it's always a good time.

Good old Missoula, it used to be a great place to live.
"Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.'- Jerry Garcia


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