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My sentiments EXACTLY NMI

the copy shows nothing other than a cherry picking of what Hitch was ranting about at that time........we wouldn't have a pot to piss in, or window to throw it out of, including Hitchens, if it were not for the corrections made by Reagan....

but some always look back and find, what else, mistakes, and then rant and rave about how stupid someone was, or what a liar they were, or how "wrong" they were!!!!!.....meanwhile, all the time enjoying the marvels of decisions made under very difficult, if not impossible conditions, conditions that would have caused Hitchens himself to do a HAMAHAMAHAMAHAMA, before making a worse decision.......

isn't it great to have perfect twenty twenty vision after the fact?? especially when you have decades to go back find exactly what you're seeking??? Look for that which you seek......while everything else is denied.......which is what curators always do......

and today, right in front of our lying eyes we see a leader?? who is dismantling our society, economy, our very way of living, all the time blaming with lies his hated binary opposite, to the delight of the weak in mind......what do we hear from Lefties who are so truely concerned about our "society"?????? chirp-chirp.....

yes, Sil, who or what is an intellectual???? and for what is it worth, when you can't even know what he studied, he's never challenged, no one knows anything about how he defines himself, and he cruises on to his next waterloo....on our dime......wake up germs, yer ass is just as much on the line as everyone else's........


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