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My sentiments EXACTLY NMI

So, you admit to merely clicking around your fav websites for directions as what you are to think??

No, but when you repeatedly rave about something you've read, I eventually get around to checking it out. Since I know from experience with books that I have read and you claim to have read that you totally misunderstood the intent of the author, and because I like to know what a book is about before I plunk down my money and have learned that I can't rely on you to do that for me, I check out what others have said about the book and read bits here and there in it. You may not have heard of it, but when people do that in bookstores it is called "browsing". I do it in libraries as well. Doing it on the computer saves gasoline and, therefore, enhances our national security.;-)

Be very suspicious when someone says that someone else should be read.

Indeed, I am and the above explains why.

Hitchens just passed

Ah yes, poor fellow. Read my comments elsewhere.

I have almost every book he wrote, and loved his Vanity Fair articles.

I'm sure Mr. Hitchens would have appreciated that, although he might have been more than a little dismayed at how you interpreted his Why Orwell Matters and what he wrote about Orwell's Homage to Catalonia. BTW, when you read about his trip to North Korea did you notice what he said about Obama's getting his instructions from Kim Jong-il and how the "Marxicrats" in the US are making excellent progress recreating that highly successful society on this side of the Pacific: starting with California of course.

before examining yerself????

Like, for cooties????

Are you saying that what Murachik wrote is not true????

See what I mean? Not only haven't you learned to spell the poor guy's name right yet, but you also haven't understood a word of what I said. Nowhere did I say that I disagreed with Mr. Muravchik: merely that he wasn't telling me anything I didn't know already, and that, instead, it was a better investment of my time to go on reading The Spanish Labyrinth which, despite my extensive previous reading on the history of the Iberian Peninsula, was.



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