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Volvo Diesels and ZF HP22 Transmission

I know a decent amount about this combo as I have owned 2 Volvo's like this.
In the mid 80's Volvo used a Volkswagen D24T, straight 6, turbo charged diesel engine in their some of their Volvos.

The engine is used in delivery trucks all over Europe. It is bullet proof.

The transmissions are awesome as well. Many have gone over 250,000 miles and never been rebuilt.
My transmission went 350,000 miles and was running strong when I sold it.

Currently, I have another Volvo 760GLE Turbo Diesel with this Volkswagen Diesel and ZF Transmission. Mine got 35MPG on the freeway.

One thing to know about these transmissions is that they can NOT be reved up in neutral for long periods of time. This will pretty much kill them. Needless to say, they should not be towed with the wheels on the ground and the car in neutral. Short of doing that, they are unstoppable.

I don't know if you were looking to buy one but if you are, let me know. My email is mike93108 at gmail.

Hope this is helpful to you.


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New Volvo Diesels and ZF HP22 Transmission
posted by  someone claiming to be TimK  on Sun Jan 30 07:53 CST 2000 >

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